As a kid, I always had a love of all things outdoors, including archery. I shot in my backyard and hunted deer with a bow and arrow. That is all I was aware of as a youth related to archery. After high school I stopped shooting altogether. Then one day my wife signed my boys up for an instructional archery league (that I had no clue existed). As this was new to them, I figured I should get a bow so that I could start shooting again with them.I have jumped right back into the sport, and in doing so have learned that there are so many local events and shoots going on related to archery that I never knew existed. Unfortunately, you have to do a lot of legwork to figure out where and when everything is taking place, and if you are not looking hard enough, you will miss things that could literally be right in your backyard.

That is what this site is about, trying to get all of the events and information into a format that works for people in an efficient and effective manner!

Side Note: Prior to this year, I have never shot in any type of an archery match or shoot, so this will be my first year and look forward to meeting with other local archers who are already shooting these events!

Josh McLear

Josh’s Current Equipment
Hunting Bow:
PSE Evoke 31, 60lb limbs
Sight: HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Sight (KP-5510)
Scope: HHA Pro Series Scope (PRO 5000) .29 Fiber (coming off as soon as UV 2 shows up)
Rest: QAD Ultra Rest HDX (Camo)
Stabilizer: Shrewd Raid Series Stabilizer (9″ Camo)
Peep: TruGlo Versa
Arrows: Beman ICS Bowhunter, 500 Spine, 26.75″

Target Bow: PSE Perform X 3D, 60lb limbs
Sight: Axcel Achieve XP (Blue)
Scope: UltraView 2 – Optix300 2X lens, center drilled .19 fiber
Rest: QAD Ultra Rest HDX (Patriot)
Stabilizer: Shrewd Raid Series Stabilizer (9″ Camo)
Peep: Hamskea InSight Peep System
Arrows: Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic

Liams Current Equipment
Bow: PSE Mini Burner (Custom Red/Black Hex Pattern)
Sight: Axcel Achieve CB Sight
Scope: HHA Pro Series Scope (Pro 5000, .29 fiber)
Rest: Whisker Biscuit
Stabilizer: Diamond Octane 5″
Peep: Sawtooth Serveless Peep It with Tube Attachment 3/16″
Arrows: Beman ICS Hunter Junior

Other Equipment Used
Binoculars: Vortex Crossfire HD 10×50
Easton Elite Quiver Belt
Avalon Tec-X Field Quiver
Double D Arrow Puller
Easton 2 Tube Quivers for the kids

Other Bows in the Household:
Wife: Diamond Bowtech Infinite Edge SB-1 (Teal Camo)
Other Son: PSE Mini Burner (Neon Green)