July 4th Fun Shoot – Norfolk Archers

So we got out to shoot the July 4th shoot just over a week ago. We have been pretty busy since then with holiday stuff and then a little bit of travel, so I didn’t get a chance to get a shoot report in.

The shoot was great. We did not have a ton of time, so we had planned to shoot 2 arrows at each target like we did last time, but it was busier with what appeared to be more shooters so we just shot 1 arrow at each target and then doubled at the end because we actually kept a scorecard for this shoot.

It was great to see a bunch of different targets then last time, nothing stood out as being a repeat target even if the same target was used last time. Our favorites were the alligator on an angled branch which presented a really thin (left to right) target area to hit. My favorite was the last shot which for me was around a 48 yard shot on a full size caribou. Liam’s favorite shot was the first target which was a large dinosaur.

As it was busier, it was a little slower moving, and we did not get to group up with anyone else, perhaps next time. There was a group of 4 in front of us that was moving along pretty well and we honestly didn’t wait around too long for any of the different targets.

It took us around 2 hours to shoot the 20 targets, which was not too long at all. It was a warmer day and we were glad to have some gatorade with us, as it was warm even in amongst the trees. It was a bit buggier than last time, but it was not too bad. We will have to remember the bug spray next time.

A quick note – with the issues I had at the last shoot pulling some arrows, I purchased the Double D Magnum Grip Arrow Puller. This made it so much easier pulling arrows from the targets (which could have been because I hit almost every target insert and I remembered to more often put on the arrow lube). It gives you a perpendicular and twistable approach to removing the arrows, and it worked really well.

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